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The Benefits 
Paired Pharma 

Chaining the physical world with the digital world creates a frictionless experience for patients picking up their prescriptions due to its seamless process automation process and its ability to immutably record and confirm patient data. 

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Significant benefits of using

Paired PHARMA:

  • Biometric records that are unique to each patient and medical staff member are used to ensure that the right patients receive the right medication at the right time.

  • Verification of pharmaceutical registration and tracking from the manufacturer of pharmaceutical companies to patients.

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Transparency THROUGHOUT THE life cycle. 

Paired Pharma provides patients with the comfort of knowing who manufactured, shipped and dispensed their prescriptions.

  • License capture for GPS location confirmation

  • Facial Recognition

  • Fingerprint

  • GPS

  • Temperature Monitoring/Control

  • Battery -UPS

  • ID Reader-Scanner

  • Laser Field

  • Barcode/QR/Code Reader


  • Two-Way Video

  • OCR Reader-In-Camera

  • Bluetooth

  • IOT Medical Devices

improves patient experience and significantly reduces record processing



Drug & Placebos

  • Unique Identifier Tagged

  • Lot Number

  • Dates

  • Specifications

  • When
  • Who

  • Patient / Participant

  • Temperature Requirements

  • Storage Requirements


Paired Pharma uses GPS, which facilitates Blockchain-anchored confirmation of event locations. This confirmation can be audited against insurance records.



  • Exam records contain hardened data from the patient used to provide confirmation of the patient, when, where and what.

  • Platform auditing confirms uniformity among pharmaceuticals. 

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