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Connecting the physical world to the digital world through zero-trust events

Image by christian buehner
Image by Michael Dam
Image by Kim Carpenter

Biometric Identification

Users can register themselves biometrically with facial recognition, fingerprint, iris scanner and documents like passports, and real I.D. After registration, the data goes onto an immutable database where it is stored using Permanent Data Source and/or Immutable Ledger Technology.



Since the data is stored in our database, crucial insights are easily made available to stakeholders including reference numbers, shipping information, warranty and usage parameters, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. Products are identified using barcodes, RFID, UHF, Beacon, Bluetooth, QR Code or photo metadata accessible by kiosk.

Paired Pharma

Physicians prescribe medications for patients after obtaining information from them, along with product registration data from the pharmaceutical company. Then, the prescription is entered into the database, along with biometric tokens for the prescribing doctor and their location. Once the patient arrives at the device, their first step is to verify their identities biometrically. Afterwards, the Paired Pharma audits the information provided by the prescribing doctor, along with the location prior to dispensing the medication, which is available to patients 24/7.

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