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Paired Pharma

Paired Pharma leverages the latest technological innovations, including hardware, software and blockchain technology to streamline the process of providing patients with prescription drugs. By seamlessly allowing patients and medical professionals to confirm unique biometric insights at Paired Pharma kiosks, it’s now easier than ever before for patients to pick up pharmaceuticals, and for medical professionals to receive supplies at their own convenience.

Paired PHARMA 

The patented Paired Pharma platform consists of hardware and software components that are capable of leveraging blockchain technology to reduce friction throughout the process of prescribing patients with new medications. Using blockchain technology, Paired Pharma creates immutable event records that include insights surrounding a patient’s information, including their biometrics, and the time and location of their original appointment. This unchangeable record is also used to simplify the process of receiving payment from the patient’s insurance company. The ability Paired Pharma has to eliminate long wait times associated with prescription pick ups has the potential to reshape the experience people have with medical professionals entirely.



Paired Pharma’s ability to collect data from patients is predicated on its ability to create a dynamic client profile that captures biometrics, geolocation and other crucial insights.


The Paired Pharma platform is anchored by blockchain technology which helps deliver transparency to all parties involved. Paired Pharma’s use of blockchain technology makes it easy for stakeholders to check and confirm information recorded onto client records.


Paired Pharma’s patented technology combines and enhances hardware and software for the purpose of facilitating interaction between patients and doctors. This helps provide an immutable layer of truth to every transaction conducted on the Paired Pharma platform.


Paired Pharma’s kiosks are capable of autonomously recording the unique identifier like Barcode, RFID or QR Code associated with a patient’s medication. They’re also able to capture the biometrics of a patient or medical professional. The Paired Pharma kiosks are also capable of seamlessly recording the time and location patients receive their prescriptions.

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Paired Pharma has multiple hardware devices THAT CAN BE LEVERAGED in medical applications

They include machines for confirmed drug trial dispensaries, medical object dispensaries, pharmaceutical dispensaries, and check-in-check-out of expensive objects.

Paired Pharma portable model for daily event confirmation and automation 

Confirms GPS location, the biometrics of healthcare professionals, and previously tagged medical supplies along with:

  • Event data records

  • Insurance required data collection

  • Patient medical record

  • Hospitals

  • Clinics

  • Home health

  • In-patient facilities

  • Mobile treatment

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Paired Pharma’s combined usage of both hardware and software gives it the ability to record and confirm pharmaceuticals or medical objects being picked up, biometrics of medical patients or medical professionals picking up supplies in an immutable record stored onto the blockchain.

  • Each stakeholder has the ability to use these unchangeable, verified records to complete necessary follow-up tasks.

  • Insurance companies have the ability to use these records to confirm the location where medical services took place or where pharmaceuticals were received using auditing specifications.

  • Patients “own” the data in their digital wallets for future reference, and can allow others to access the information by providing them with a “security token”.

  • Medical professionals leverage patient data to automate billing and update records.

  • Billing automation, provider and patient use unique biometric identifiers to confirm services, allowing insurance companies and patients alike to pay autonomously by effectuating smart contracts.

Paired Pharma is a Black Ink Tech Company. Black Ink Tech is the parent company that develops immutable autonomous, intelligent and integrated hardware and software platforms, and services. This delivers data immutability, process, workflow efficiency and industry interoperability to a variety of sectors.

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